Packing process of tea

Packaging process of tea

Packaging is an important step of the processing of any kind of a food and beverage. Since they are consumed by the living beings, it is very important to pack them safe and minimum quality retardation. Packaging is a critical point in tea processing due to the hygroscopic nature of tea. if the packaging process is not conducted properly it will affect to the shelf life.

After the grading process of dried tea, they will undergo the bulk packaging process. In bulk packaging layered paper or cardboard bags. The volume of these bags will depend on the quantity of the consignment. These bags contain moisture resistant metallic layer inside and this paper layer or cardboard layer outside the bag. After the filling process bags will sealed tightly and store in a dry warehouse environment.

After these bulk tea packs are sold out thy will undergo various processes like flavouring and blending. After those secondary manufacturing processes, these teas will be repacked. There are several kinds of packaging methods in secondary manufacturing. Let us look into one by one.

Metal canisters are very popular method of packaging in secondary manufacturing. Various shapes and designs are there in the market. Light weighted metals are used in these canister making process. These canisters are popular among consumers since they are reusable. Next comes the tea bags made by the polyester materials. These small tea bags are packed collectively in sealed polythene or cardboard packages in air tight manner. Other one is wooden containers. This was used in ancient bulk packaging in the world tea trade initially. Processes wooden materials that removed their odour and other unwanted qualities are used in packaging purpose of the dried tea.

In addition, plastic and glass containers also used in the secondary packaging purpose. Plastic bottles with airtight lids and other type designed containers are also used. Even it is not very popular glass containers with tight fittings are also used in tea packaging based on the byers requirements. Almost all these procedures are mechanized and there are various types of modern machineries used in this packaging process. 

Use of the automated packaging will minimize the manual handling of tea which can lead to contaminations and moisture absorption. This will cause to enhance the shelf life and reining of its original qualities. Since it is very important to maintain the quality of the higher market value selecting a proper packaging process and material for tea is very important.

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