Ceylon Tea - A Heavenlier Taste

Enjoy the authentic heavenly taste of the Ceylon Tea brought straight to you from the beautiful Sri Lankan tea estates. Uva Golden Buds assure to offer you the freshest most aromatic Ceylon tea products you will ever taste. We have a large spectrum of tea products that will feel like it’s been tailored to your taste buds.

Our Product Range

Uva Golden Buds produces and exports many tea products so the customers can get the highest quality products of their preferred tea flavors. Whether you are a fan of green tea or black tea, Uva Golden Buds got you. Whether you prefer any other flavor of tea, we got you. You can choose from different sizes and packaging so your house will have your favorite tea, always. You can impress your guests with a cup of top-notch Earl Grey, Ginger, or Chamomile tea.

Pure Ceylon Tea