Common Sweeteners used with tea

As a world popular drink, tea is served in different forms according to the consumer’s choice. Adding some sweeteners to the tea is very common and popular method among the tea users. People who do not want to feel the bitterness of the tea would like to add a sweetener with their tea. This story is about the common sweeteners that we can use with our tea.

Sugar is the most popular and very common sweetener that is used with tea all over the world. Both refine sugar and brown sugar is added to the tea as the taste of the tea drinker. Most of the times sugar is paired with the hot black tea than the other tea types. Also in iced tea, there is an added portion of sugar most of the times. But addition of sugar cannot be recommended for people who are suffering from diseases like diabetic. It might be affected to their health condition negatively.

Next popular and healthy sweetener is honey. Honey is considered as a healthy ingredient with antibiotic properties as well. Honey can use as a sweetener with tea. it can be used with black tea, green tea and herbal teas as well. Many people believe that using honey with herbal tea as a sweetener will improve the health benefits of herbal tea. 

Vanilla also use as a sweetener with tea. Since vanilla is a naturally derived ingredient involving minimum of processing it is considered as a better sweetener with tea. Not only vanilla added a sweetness but also it adds a pleasant aroma to the tea. Vanilla is very much matched with milk tea and spicy chai most of the times.

Spices like cinnamon sugar can also be used as the sweeteners to the tea. Unique aroma of the cinnamon will be an added advantage when you use this sweetener with your tea. masala chai with milk is very much matched with the cinnamon sugar. Maple syrup is another option for you if like sweeteners in your tea. it is said to have a warmer sweetness with spiced tea. Stevia is a low calorie sweetener derived from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana plant. When you preferred low calorie or fat burning tea still with a sweet taste, stevia is a good option for you. Because of its low calorie property, it is often used with green tea.

Fresh fruits can also be added as sweetener to your tea. It will create a cocktail-tea for you to enjoy. Ice tea is very good with fresh fruit as a sweetener. Coconuts sugar is another option for who are preferred sweet tasty tea. Coconut sugar which derives from natural coconut will taste similar as the normal sugar with tea. you can use coconut sugar with black green or herbal teas as your preference. Instead of these naturally derived sweetening agents, varieties of artificial sweeteners also there for you to use with your tea as your choice.

If you are a tea lover who preferred a different experience with tea, do not forget to taste tea with these awesome sweeteners as a new experience.

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