Tea Tourism

You may have heard of today’s topic. Tea tourism can also be considered as a category of eco – tourism. In tea tourism, it is mainly focused on experiencing the tea culture.

If we examine the tea tourism closely there are three main categories in different areas in tea. they are tea estate related tourism, manufacturing related tourism and eco based tourism with tea traditions. When it comes to the tea estate related tea tourism, tourist can experience the daily routine of the estate and estate culture. You can pluck tea leaves visit all over the estate and enjoy your day in the estate.

In manufacturing related tea tourism, you can experience the entire process of tea manufacturing during your visit. That may be within a day or within couple of days. You can even taste the tea and experience night manufacturing also. The tourist can familiarize in machineries and critical points of the manufacturing process too. In some facilitating agencies they give accommodation in the factory premises.

In the next category there are eco – friendly cottage type accommodation in tea related areas. There you can experience adventures, tea related ceremonies and tasting of tea etc. this type of tea tourism provides the packages including above mentioned categories too. It can be considered as a wholesome package for tourist who loves to experience tea related cultural experience.

Tea growing countries like Sri Lanka, India, China, Kenya and Vietnam are very popular for these kind of tourist experiences. People who love to live in a different kind of a cultural and natural experience, tea tourism is a golden opportunity for you. If you are a tea lover with travelling thirst, don’t miss this kind of experience. It will add colours to your travelling diaries as well in to your tea world experience too.

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