Tea and Royalty

Tea is a stimulating drink that is popular among all over the world. According to the ancient Chines stories tea was introduced as a beverage by the royalty.

Around 2737 BC, in the era of emperor Shennong tea has been introduced as a beverage. The story behind it is very interesting. According to the legend, emperor Shennong used to drink boiled water as a habit. One day, when he was drinking hot water outside accidently some leaves from a nearby tree has fallen into the cup of the boiling water and its colour also changed. When the emperor drink that water he felt a refreshing taste and a nice aroma. Then he started to consume that leaves as a brew in hot water and it was the origin of tea as a drink.

However, with the early ages of world explorations and trade relationships tea has been spread all over the world. First tea was popularized in Asian countries like Japan, Korea and India. When Europeans start the voyager quests and colonization process tea has introduced to the Europe as well. Mainly in British era, they have started tea as a commercialized plantation crop in colonized countries like India and Sri Lanka. With this plantation process best quality teas were introduced to the European countries like England, Scotland, France and Italy etc. In this era of colonial period, most of the higher society families had the access to colonies and these plantations. So tea becomes the popular item of the higher society including the royalty.

In European countries, especially in England and Scotland evening tea parties were very popular among noble families. Even royal tea parties were organized. Royal guests and noble families were invited to these parties. In these royal tea parties there are special foods and refreshments which are served as a tradition. Most popular of them are sandwiches, egg salads, cream cheese and different types of cakes and cookies. There were people who were trained to serve and follow the traditional arrangement of these functions. Also their evolved some traditions to follow in these tea parties as noble people. In the beginning, black tea was the only type of the that used in most of the times.

In modern days, green tea, herbal tea and many other luxurious and specialty types of teas are also used in these royal tea traditions. And there is some arrangement in the world to experience the royal tea culture as well. Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful and suitable place for you to experience these tea culture. Ceylon tea is a symbol of quality that always served the royalty from the beginning. So do not hesitate to experience the tea and royalty with the cup of Ceylon tea.

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