Tea and Ceramic Arts

As we all know history of tea goes to 2700 BC. When tea is started consuming as a stimulating beverage, tea related culture and tools were developed. Tea related Ceramic art is one of an interesting field which is having an esthetic feature as well.

According to history experts, history of tea pots goes to 1500 BC. These tea pots were made with clay which is specially known as Yixing clay tea pots. Yixing tea pots are in several designs in different shapes with esthetic values. Yixing tea pots are made with special types of clay called ‘Zisha’ clay which is available in purple, red and beige colours. Whole processing is completed by manually. This tea pots are mainly use for brewing tea types like black tea, green tea, white tea and oolong tea. Yixing tea pots are special in certain characteristics. Major one is the unique mineral composition of the clay type that used to make these pots. This composition is enable the pot to absorb the aroma and flavor compounds of brewed tea. This absorbance will make pot a unique smoothness and appearance over the time.

When it comes to the designs of ceramic tea pots, there are main two different designs. One is the tea pot with a straight handle attached to the side of the tea pot which made with clay usually. This type is mostly popular in Asian countries like Japan, China and Korea.


The other type is pots with curved handle attached to the upper opening or the sides of the lid fitting area of the tea pot. This second type has the metal handles in most cases and popular all over the world.

In addition to tea pots there are ceramic tea sets comprised with tea pot and small tea cups. Considering these tea cups there are different types of popular designs. Most of the times traditional type tea cups have designed without a handle. They can be in plain clay colour or painted with a traditional design. Many tea sets are contained four to six tea cups with a traditional tea pot. These ceramic tea sets have a remarkable role in traditional Asian Tea Ceremonies.

In addition to these pure clay pots there are porcelain tea pots and tea sets as well. They are very popular in European countries and some Asian countries too. However, considering these interesting fact it can conclude that the traditional ceramic ware plays a major role tea culture.

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