Special Tea Grades

If you are a frequent visitor of our blog, you may have an idea about the grading of tea. Grading is done based on the particle size of the dried tea. This grades are differing according to the manufacturing method also.

In addition to the common tea grades there are special category tea grades which are having better market demand and considerably higher prices than normal tea grades. They are called special tea grades. Special tea grades are also derived as normal grades but with special characteristics than the normal grade of the same type.

In the category of broken grades this special type is commonly includes. Grades like BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) and FBOP (Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe) have extra special categories. They are BOP Extra special and FBOP Extra special. Most of the times these tea includes perfect size of the particles with silvery colour tea particles. Use of very tender and quality raw material is a major factor to produce these type of special grades. These type of special grades are consisting with ideal liquor colour, aroma and taste. Because of that these grades are used in tea blending process.

Another special grade is gun powder in green tea manufacturing. It is a highly demanded one in green tea market. It is very similar to a round shape seed in single particle with greenish colour silvery appearance. Very similar black tea special grade to this gun powder is Pekoe it is like a pepper seed in outer appearance. To manufacture both of these special grades experience in manufacturing is crucial.

 The other special category is wiry grades. These wiry grades need special attention in rolling process. Since they required whole wiry nature particle to be dried to produce this special grade. This process need higher skill in handling rolling process to minimize the breaking of leaf particles. These wiry grades are having light liquor and pleasant aroma as well.

This is a brief description about special tea grades. You can find more interesting details if you are interested in the topic. Please be with us to read more articles like this.

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