Special Tea cultivars around the world

As we all know tea is one of the most popular non – alcoholic beverage consumed all over the world. Tea is produce using the tender shoots of Camellia sinensis plant. According to the legends, tea has been originated from China. But genetically there are main three varieties originated from different areas of Asia. First one is China type teas that are believed to be originated from China. Next one is Assam type teas from India while the other one is Cambodia type originated from Cambodia.

In the domestication process and commercial cultivation breeding process was appeared in the picture. Using scientifically designed breeding processes, newly developed tea cultivars were introduced by research bodies. These cultivars were mainly oriented towards the high yield, pest and disease resistance and quality of the final product. Some cultivars were developed for special tea production. Let us have a look on such kind of special tea cultivars spread all over the word.

In China, where tea was originated have some popular tea cultivars specially using for special tea productions. Da Bai is a cultivar that is using for the manufacturing of white tea and silver needle teas.

This cultivar is having a bud covered with silvery hair which is enable the special nature of silver needles. Da Hao is another cultivar which is having large leaf nature used for white tea production. When it comes to the traditional type of dark teas like Pu’er tea, Da Ye is the cultivar used for this microbial fermented tea. As we all know China is very popular for the traditional and unique green teas. The cultivar that is used to produce this green tea is Longjing 43.

Next we will look at Japan. Japan is also an Asian country which is having unique traditional teas with ancient tea traditions. Special green teas like Sencha, Tencha and Match which are used in traditional tea ceremonies plays a very important role in Japan. Yabukita is the special cultivar that is used in production of these teas. In Taiwan there is also very special tea cultivar that is used to produce milky Oolong tea which is believed to have a milky taste without adding the milk. A special cultivar called Jin Xuan is responsible for this milky nature of the Oolong tea produced in Taiwan. In Kenya there is a tea cultivar named TRFK 306 which is rich in anthocyanin cased purple pigmentations in the tender shoots and leaves.

Now it is time to look at Sri Lankan tea cultivars. Sri Lanka is popular for quality teas under the Ceylon tea logo. In Sri Lanka most popular and prominent special tea cultivar is TRI 2043. This cultivar is having a bud covered with very fine silvery hair. This cultivar is rich in anthocyanin which make its tender parts reddish – purple pigmentation. This silver colour hairy buds are used for making silver tips and golden tips which are considered as specialty teas with higher market value. Silver tips comes under the non – fermented tea category as a type of white tea where golden tips made by coating the silver tips with brewed black tea infusion.

In the introduction of these special tea cultivars, national research bodies regarding tea of the relaxant country plays a major role. They are contributing decades of researches for inventing such cultivars by specially designed breeding programs. These programs involve lot of human and financial resources as it takes considerable amount of time as well. Also these breeding programs need highly developed technical skills and laboratory facilities. Even we have seen the final products these cultivars are priceless with their collective values.

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