Special Characteristics of Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is popular as a symbol of quality tea all over the world. To gain this popularity there are many more reasons. Special characteristic of Ceylon tea is a main reason for the popularity of Ceylon tea among the tea lovers.

Sri Lanka is an island where bordered to sea. Since it has the effect of sea breeze up to the middle point of the country that effect is there in all the crops including tea. This has an effect on the unique taste of Ceylon tea. Even the country is a small island there is a variation in elevation in tea growing areas. According to the elevation there are three major tea categories in Sri Lanka as High grown, Medium Grown and Low grown tea. As the elevation change, climatic conditions are varied significantly. Temperature, humidity and soil conditions which are having greater effect on unique characteristic of tea is differ according to the elevation.

Since this difference in elevation, characteristic of tea also differ in elevation vice. High grown tea has the light liquor and rich aroma with low bitterness. Low grown tea is the opposite of high grown which is having dark liquor. Medium grown tea shows intermediate characteristics in liquor. Since this differences there is an opportunity of catering different taste as the preference of consumers.

The other interesting point is flavor seasons of Ceylon tea. There are different areas known as flavor seasons within the elevation. This flavor seasons have their own time of the year with a production of unique characteristic tea. there are seven flavor or quality seasons with different sub characteristics within elevation ranges. Some quality seasons have specific chemical compositions of their own. These will result teas with different characteristics. This make Ceylon tea to cater various consumers all over the world.

The other reason is different manufacturing methods including pure orthodox, rotor vane manufacturing and CTC tea manufacturing which result different tea grades with different characteristics. Not only that but also the different tea cultivars with China, Assam and intermediate characteristics also responsible for the special characteristics of Ceylon tea. As a whole, Sri Lanka dose not shows clear cut seasonal differences along the year. Entire country experiences a sunny nature with distributed rainfall in most tea growing areas. This is a blessing for the perennial crop like tea where vegetative parts are being harvested.

Here we have discussed prominent reasons why Ceylon tea becomes unique among the others. Let us discuss further interesting topics in future articles.

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