Sinhala and Hindu New Year with Tea

Sinhala and Hindu New Year is a main cultural festival in Sri Lanka. It is the celebration of the beginning of the year of sun. According to the astrology, they believe sun is travelling to the Pisces to Aries starting the astrological new year. Sinhala and Hindu people celebrate this new year with their traditions and special cultural events.

With this basic knowledge let us move to our topic. Tea plays a major role in Sri Lankan economy as well in the regular life of Sri Lankans. They start their day with hot cup of tea and end up the busy day with evening tea. Tea has a much influence on their daily life and individual economy as well. First and most important factor of the tea and new year is their income. Most of the areas of the country has small scale tea farmers who earn the income from tea. their new year depend on that income. The other category is labour force in the large scale estates and small scale tea cultivations. They also celebrate the new year with the income from the tea.

Next is the culture related to the tea. People always tend to treat the visitors with cup of tea. When it comes to the cultural festival like Sinhala and Hindu New Year traditional refreshments also included in the menu with tea. During the Sinhala and Hindu New Year people prepare many traditional refreshments like oil cake, kokis, aluwa, welithalapa, wade and murukku etc. These traditional refreshments are served with a cup of tea. So tea is always plays a major role in this cultural event. Sometimes even in the traditional events like ‘Awurudu uthsawa’ where they conduct traditional new year games, there are games related to the tea. 

In Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival tea act as the major partner throughout the festival. To experience this marvelous traditional festival visit Sri Lanka or experience our tea on your own. Finally, wish you all a Happy and Prosperous Sinhala and Hindu New Year. Enjoy the new year with tea.

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