Processing of Lemon Grass Tea

Lemon grass is a grass variety which use to produce herbal tea. There are different varieties of lemon grass. Asian or the Indian variety (Cymbopogon citrus) of lemon grass is commonly used for making lemon grass tea. When it comes to the cultivation of lemon grass, it prefferes loam to laterite soils with well drainage conditions.

For the preparation of lemon grass tea, first it need to harvest young lemon grass leaves. Young leaves are reach in aroma as well in citrus flavour. Next step is drying of the leaves. This tep is optional if it is preffered to use the leaves in fresh form, this drying step can be ommited. If you willing to keep tea for long time, you can fllow the drying process. In the drying process leves can be cut into small pieces as your preference. A sharp sissor can be use to this process. Then you can put it in the oven for drying at 100 – 140 0F and observe during drying. Afrer leaves are scrumbled you can stop the drying process. The other option is hanging or spreading leaves in a place where you can expose them to sun light.

After drying process you can store them in air tight containers for future use. Now let us see how to prepare or brew a lemmon grass tea properly. You can use fresh or dried pieces of lemon grass as your prefference. But the normally used amount of lemon grass per cup of tea is 1-2 pieces. Then you can pour boilling water into the cup and let it brew for 10-15 minutes. Then you cvan strain it and use with or without sweeteners. If you like to add sweeteners use something healthy as honey.

In addition to the hot version of lemon tea you can prepare an iced lemon tea too. For this process you have to brew the lemon tea as same process. Then you can pour the brew intoa cup or glass that contains ice cubes and let it for several minutes until it cones to the preffered cooling level for you. Then you can consume it with or without sweeteners as your prefference. Explore the taste of lemon grass tea for a different tea taste and experience.

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