Parameters of a Quality Tea

Quality of a tea is critical in its valuation process. Mainly there are two components to determine the quality of tea. They are particle quality and liquor quality. Collectively, these two components will decide the overall quality of the tea.  

You may think how can we determine the quality by these three parameters? Let us see how can it be related with each other. If the tea is manufactured under optimum recommended conditions these parameters should be in the acceptable ranges. Well practiced professional can determine the quality through this appearance testing.

First we will look in to the quality parameters of tea particles. Outer appearance of the particle is the first most parameter to consider about dry tea particles. This is called as ‘sight’. Colour of the tea particles, size and the content of fibre and impurities will be inspected and taken into the account in this. Next one is called the ‘touch’ or ‘feel’. In this component you have to touch the particles and check the feel of the particles to your hand. Next one is ‘aroma’ it is important to sniff the sample and feel the aroma of the dry particles.

When it comes to the liquor there are also some parameters to determine the quality. First one is the colour of infusion. This can be varied according to the grade and manufacturing method. Next is taste of the liquor while the other one is the aroma of the liquor. Several factors can be effect on this parameter like water quality, brewing time and correct brewing process are main factors effect on the liquor parameters.

To follow tis quality determination process, there should be a professional with several years of experiences in the field. You can try this process with sample of different types of teas which you are tasting and take a rough idea.

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