Ornamental Tea

When you hear the word ‘Tea’ what comes to your mind instantly. Most of you will say it is a hot cup of tea with a cloud of smoke. Instead of the beverage type tea, have you heard about ‘Ornamental Tea’. Maybe you have heard it as tea roses.

These type of teas have main two species called Camellia japonica (Tea Roses) and Camellia sasanqua. Tea roses (Camellia japonica) is used popular among people as it has beautiful flowers in different colours. This plant also grown in similar condition as Camellia sinensis. Tea roses are love to grow under shade in well drained acidic soils. When it comes to the characteristics of the plant, it is an ever green plant with thick, glossy and serrated leaves. Flowering of the plant is occurred during late winter and early spring. You can find different colour tea roses. Pink, Red and white are most common and attractive colours in this flowers. Flowers of this plant are similar to a rose. Mainly tea roses are used in gardening. Tea roses helps to create colourful and attractive gardens with its unique flowers. This plant is used in medicinal purposes in countries like Japan, China and Korea. Both flowers and leaves are using in these traditional medicines. They used these medicines for treating stomachic illnesses, bleeding and inflammations. 

The next type, and Camellia sasanqua is native to Japan. It is also an ever green plant with oval shape, dark green and serrated leaves. It has small flowers than tea roses (Camellia japonica).  Flowering occurs in winter season of the year.  Both leaves and seeds Camellia sasanqua are used in different purposes. Leaves of this plant use to prepare some traditional tea types like matcha tea and black tea. seeds of this plant use to derive oil which can use for cooking, lightening, lubricant and cosmetic purposes. In cosmetic industry this tea seed oils are used as skin clearance and anti-acne agent. As it proven in cosmetic test it has an anti – inflammatory agents which act against acne causing agents. Because of that most of the cosmetic products contains this oil.

You can learn more about these amazing plants by referring many more articles and also add them to your beautiful garden to experience colourful nature with a tasty cup of tea in your hand.

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