Instant Tea

Instant tea is a form of tea that can make a cup of tea soon after adding water into the ready-made tea formula. Most of the times instant tea comes in powder form. You may have taste an instant tea if you are a tea lover.

When it comes to the history of instant tea, it was initially introduced in United Kingdom in 19th century. First it was a combination of tea powder and the milk powder. Gradually the quality of instant tea was developed. With the evolution of technologies like spray drying milk tea powder was introduced to the European market. This instant tea was spreader tea markets all over the world with the time.

Considering the content of the instant tea, it mainly contents tea as the base ingredient. With the tea as the base ingredient there can be sugar, milk, flavoring agents, herbal ingredients etc. with this instant tea. Most of the times instant tea powder id prepared by spray drying process. First tea brewing process is conducted properly. Then the infusion is subjected to the spray drying process and derived the powder. Preparation process of the instant tea is very easy and time saving.

 You have to add the instructed amount of instant tea powder into a container and add the sufficient amount of hot water to dissolve the content. After mixing and stirring your tea is ready. If sweeteners are not added, you can add them as your preference.

This instant tea is very much popular in European market. Main reason behind the popularity of the instant tea is easy preparation and time saving. Also instant tea has specific taste. Since the brewing process id previously conducted in technically correct manner, it has a proper taste. Even someone who do not know the correct brewing technique can have a perfect cup of tea using instant tea. the other benefit is you do not want specific equipment for brewing only you can manage it with a cup of boiling water and a simple spoon.

Next time you can taste an instant tea easily to have an awesome experience with different type of tea product in your hand.

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