How to Prepare Ceylon Green Tea

Ceylon green tea has also gained high popularity in the last few decades. Many tea drinkers now prefer green tea to black tea due to the various benefits green tea offers to the drinker. Ceylon green tea has all those benefits and a signature taste that makes it stand out from every other green tea type in the world. While some prefer the bitterness of Green tea, many drinkers love their tea to be less bitter and more sweet and tasty.

Preparing a cup of green tea is a little bit different from other tea
You cannot just leave the tea leaves in a cup and pour hot water and hope for the best. So, this is how you can prepare the best cup of green tea, with Ceylon green tea.

Boil the water up to an 80-85ºC/176-185ºF temperature. Do not let the water boil or it will make the tea bitter. If you do not have a temperature-controlled kettle, you can turn off the stove when the water started to simmer.

Now, pour the water into a mug or a cup. If you are making green tea for a few people, you can use a jug or a pot.

Then add the tea leaves. The general amount is 1 tablespoon per cup so you can put the necessary amount of tea leaves keeping that measurement in your mind. Also, if you want the tea to be a little stronger, you can add a little bit more tea leaves than that.

Now let the tea steep for about three minutes. To get the taste you prefer, you can taste it after one minute and after that every 30 seconds. Leaving the tea to be steeped for so long can make the green tea bitter or grassy.

Then you can add sweeteners and start enjoying your Ceylon green tea.

Green tea tastes good when you drink it plain but some people like a little more flavor in their tea. There are many extras that make green tea taste better. You can try finding what goes well with your taste.

You can add a little piece of cinnamon to the Green tea.

Both fresh ginger and ginger powder taste great when paired with Green tea as well. They add a spicy taste to the tea.

Marmalade or syrup sweetens Green tea.

Herbs like mint, lemongrass, or chocolate mint, and edible organic flower petals will add health benefits, flavor, aroma, and an aesthetic look to your Green tea.

You can experiment with the tastes and find your jam with Ceylon Green tea.

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