How To Prepare Ceylon Black Tea

Preparing a good cup of black tea is an art, a talent everyone should master. A good cup of black tea is all we want to refresh our bodies. Let us see how to make the perfect cup of black tea with loose black tea.

The first step is to boil the water. Using filtered or spring water will give you the best results. Do not use mineral water. You might think this is unimportant, but all these little things add to the quality of tea.

Make sure to preheat the vessel you are using to make the tea. You have to heat up both the teacups and the teapot. For this, just pour some hot water into the teapot and pour that same water into the teacups and discard that water.

Ceylon Black tea is very strong, so the recommended ratio is one teaspoon for 200 – 250 ml. There is a golden rule when brewing tea in a teapot, which is popular among tea drinkers who are ‘one for you and one for the teapot’. After adding the tea leaves into the teapot, pour the correct amount of water to match the aforementioned ratio directly above the tea leaves.

After pouring the water, close the lid of the teapot. Let it rest for 2 minutes.
Then, open the lid and stir the pot so the tea will be well infused with the water. Steep the leaves for 2 – 3 minutes.
Place a strainer on the teacup and pour the tea into the cup and enjoy.
Reusing the tea leaves will not give the same flavor.
You can add milk, sugar, and spices to your tea. Ceylon black tea pairs very well with them. 

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