Healthy Tea Habits

Health is wealth as we all heard. To maintain our health, we have to be conscious about our food habits. So let us learn how to consume tea without interfere the healthy food habits.

First we have to know about the chemical composition of different types of teas. Black tea and Green tea are the most common and popular types among the tea consumers. Major component of the black tea is caffeine and oxidised polyphenols. Green tea also consists with a considerable amount of caffeine and non – oxidised polyphenols. If you are interested in knowing the chemical composition more read our previous blog articles.

Now we will see how to use black tea in healthy manner. As scientist discovered drinking time of black tea is an important factor. You have to avoid drinking black tea just after your meal. Since it has the oxidizing compounds it can slow down the absorption of iron and calcium in your meal. It has been advice to drink black tea two hours after your meal. Next comes the number of cups that you should consume per day. As proven by studies consumption of five to six cups of caffeinated tea per day is healthy. Since excess amount of caffeine can be interrupted to your sleep and balanced of hormones sometimes. Avoiding the addition of sugar and other harmful additives also necessary to obtain the health benefits of black tea.

When it comes to green tea, it is very popular as calorie burner. To obtain this benefit, it is advised to drink green tea an hour before your workout. It will boost your metabolic activities and burn more calories during the workout. Also green tea is known as a sleep aid. If you use it as a sleep aid don’t forget to drink it one hour before going to bed. Always use green tea in advised amounts per cup to avoid bitterness which may cause a discomfort in your mouth which might cause a less appetite. Do not add sugar in green tea if you drink it for its health benefits. It will add more calories to the tea.

If you are herbal tea consumer this health advice is for you. If you use an herbal tea for the first time be conscious about allergies or discomfort in gut. Some herbal ingredient can act on different people in different ways. Hope this small guide make you aware about the use of tea in a healthy manner. Please read our blog frequently for this type of interesting articles.

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