Hand – Made Teas

Hand – made or home – made teas are specialty teas which are manufactured in some of the tea producing countries. Before the invention of the special machineries and development of tea manufacturing as a huge industry, people made tea by their own methods for personal consumption. This may be a non – rolled dried tea buds, tender leaves or hand rolled type of teas. Let us discover the different methods and types of hand – made teas which are popular among the hand – made tea manufactures as well among the consumers.

Most common method of producing hand – made black tea is following the similar method of orthodox black tea production by basic tools and human hand. In this procedure, natural withering is conducted as tat withering using the tats made of bamboo straps, cane etc. Most of the times no artificial air flow will be supplied except the natural air. These naturally withered tea leaves will be rolled by hand or using a hand operated grinder. Some people are using the bamboo tats for this rolling process to roll the leaves in these rough bamboo tats. These rolled leaves are then moving to the drying process. This drying process can be conducted with the natural air flow or using a home – made furnace. Most of the times this hole procedure is adjusted and created by the producer. 

No parameter or conditions will be controlled as in large scale processing or no specific procedures are defined in this process. This procedure mainly produces open type black teas with large particles.

Green teas are also produce in this hand – made procedure. Matcha tea powder and Oolong tea are commonly produce in this hand – made type. In the production of hand – made Matcha tea powder, tea leaves are steamed first using the common steaming method using boiling water. Then steamed leaves are grind by a hand grinder after air drying them a bit or omitting the drying process. These grounded leaves are then made as small cakes using the wooden blocks and dry them using heat generated by firewood or charcoal. Dried cakes will be grounded in to a fine powder using a special hand grinder made of granite. Now, the Matcha tea powder is ready.


These type of black teas are made in like Sri Lanka too. Hand – made Green tea types are mainly produce in China and Japan. The specially of this hand – made tea is the unique quality characteristics. Because the manufacturing procedure is unique to the manufacturer, appearance, aroma, liquor and every other characteristic are unique. Even the sample of a hand – made tea produced by the similar procedure by different producers will be different in same characteristic. Since this specialty they are popular among the tea lovers who are seeking for different tastes in tea. In addition, there is a growing demand for this hand – made tea in the specialty tea market in the world. If you love to experience the processing of hand – made tea, try either of these process as if you can have a fist full of fresh tea leaves. It will end up giving you a unique hand – made tea to taste.

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