Green Tea

There are different types of teas popular in the world mainly based on their degree of fermentation. Green tea comes under the category of non – fermented tea which is having a light liquor combined with the bitter taste. Considering the production process of green tea, it is not undergoing the fermentation process. To deactivate or suppress the fermentation enzymes, tea leaves are steamed initially. These steamed leaves are rolled using the special type rollers called moon-rollers and rolled leaves are dried using dryers. Those are the basic processing steps of green tea manufacturing. There can be differences and modifications to this process according to the producing country, green tea type etc.

Most of the times green tea consist with large and open type leaf particles. If you observe the appearance of green tea, it is not black as black tea in colour but shows a light or dark greenish colour. Liquor characteristics of the green tea are also unique since it appeared as a very light greenish or yellowish colour when you brew it. Also there can be a specific fruity smell in the green tea differ from the grades.

 As a general idea, most of the times china type small leaf tea cultivars are preferred to make green teas. Considering the different types of green teas, Matchs tea powder, Sencha and Tencha are popular green tea types in the world. China and Japan are the most prominent countries that are producing green teas. They have a significant market segment in global green tea market.


 In addition, Sri Lanka is also producing green tea. They are mainly producing green tea with open type large leaf particles which are selling as lose quantities, pouch or packets and green tea bags. Also Ceylon green teas include natural flavored green teas that are blended with herbal teas. These are very much popular among foreign visitors who would come to experience the Ceylon tea culture. Ceylon green tea industry is having both large scale and small scale green tea producers who are catering the local market and the global market as well. Ceylon green tea is a good choice for anyone who wants to experience a different taste of green tea in a different tea culture.

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