Good Tea Habits – Path To Have a Best Cup of Tea

‘Good tea habits’ hope you feel bit uncommon or unfamiliar feeling with today’s topic. But as a tea lover, this is a topic you should know. So let’s have a look on good tea habits that are worth following.

Good tea habits begin with handling the tea as a customer. First good habit is proper storage of your tea. Tea is comprising with hygroscopic particle which is having low moisture content. So it is very important to store your tea is in dry place and put them in an air tight containers. Otherwise they will absorb atmospheric moisture and started to decay. Without proper storage conditions tea will lose its unique aroma as well. Since it can absorb air born odors with loose type containers and mix storage with odor releasing compounds. Next important one is handling of your favorite tea. You should always handle your tea with clean and dry hand with dry equipment to avoid contaminate tea by moisture.

Now we move to the preparation of tea. following proper habits in brewing will enable you to have a cup of tea in its original taste. Using the fresh quality water is an important habit in brewing tea. hard water will not give the absolute taste of your tea. so you have to avoid use of hard water in preparing tea. Next one is about the water temperature. You have to be conscious about the proper temperature of the water that is suitable for your tea type.

 As an example 212 0F is the best temperature for black tea and herbal tea while 175 0F is best for green tea. Also the brewing time affect the taste of a tea cup. Leaving the tea to boil in a pot or other container for long time will differentiate the taste and aroma of the selected tea type of yours. For black tea and herbal teas best brewing time is 5 minutes at 212 0Fwhile it is 1-3 minutes in 175 0F for green tea. In brewing process, you have to be careful even in pressing the tea particles in straining process. If you are using tea bags do not squeeze it harder before it takes out from the cup, this is same for the other types of strainers too. Pressing or squeezing the soaked particles hard will take more tannins out form the tea which make your cup of tea more bitter in taste. 

Next is consuming your cup, what would be the appropriate habits in drinking? Even though, we have not taken seriously, drinking tea is not a process only concerning about the taste. While your tea is hot you can experience the aroma of it which creates a soothing effect on your mind and body. Do not rush to sip your tea while it is too hot or too cold. Let it comes to a certain temperature that your tongue is comfortable and you can feel the taste. Also if you care adding some other ingredient to the tea, there are certain points that you have to consider carefully. You have to keep in mind our base is tea and not the additional compound to dominate the features of your tea cup. Not only that but also be vigilant to add the proper amount of the ingredient to preserve the quality and other properties of your tea. Always try to add healthy compounds to your tea as additional ingredients.

With the knowledge of these proper tea habits, always keep exploring the new tastes of tea and enjoy your day today life with tea.

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