Foods pairing with tea

How do you like to taste a cup of tea? Pretty much sure, that you have different suggestions. Some of you may like pure black tea without addition of any kind of sweeteners or flavor while the others like tea with milk or flavors. Both of those groups have people who preferred food items or refreshment with tea. This article is for the people who love to have tea with some foods that paired with tea.

Tea is a popular all over the world among different regions. So there are different types of specific foods paired with tea depending on the culture as well as the food habits. If we looked at the purpose of taking foods or refreshments with tea there are more than one. one is to overcome some properties of tea like bitterness in dark type tea. The other one is to add some flavor or foodies value to the tea. The type of food may differ the time, purpose or the occasion that they take the tea.

In European or western countries sweets are very popular with any type of teas. Among those sweets cakes and cookies are the most prominent. When it comes to the cakes there are many more varieties. Butter cakes and chocolate cakes are very commonly used food with plain tea and milk tea as well. Considering the cookies, butter cookies are comes first in the list as good with teas for long time. 

Sweetness of these cakes is a main reason that it can paired with tea. The other prominent food item is sandwiches. Spicy sandwiches are preferred by some of the European tea lovers. Not only that foods like brownies, pastries and buns etc. are paired with tea in this culture.

Now we will move to the Asian region. In Asian countries, they are traditionally spice lovers. Since this spicy food culture, most of the foods paired with the tea are spicy foods. Spicy fried foods like Samosa, Wade, Rolls with spicy fillings are very popular paired foods with tea in countries like India and Sri Lanka. These types of spicy foods are mostly paired with the sweetened tea. But in Asian countries there is a tradition of consuming tea without sweeteners. These pure teas without sugar is paired with sweets like Indian traditional sweets, traditional Sri Lankan Sweets etc. In addition Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea they have traditional foods like dumplings and special rice cakes paired with teas. Some of the traditional foods are paired with special type of teas like green tea and dark tea. Most of the times different types of sweets like sweet rice cakes are used with bitter type of teas.

Next main tea consuming region is Middle East region. They have their own traditional foods paired with their favorite black tea types. Traditional Turkish semolina cakes called “Basbousa” and other sweets made with dates, plums and honey are the main types of paired foods with tea in this region. Cakes and cookies are also popular paired food in this region too.

Hope you all have your special type of paired food with tea. After reading this article you can try this regional specific traditional foods paired with tea and experience a different taste with tea. Enjoy your tea with new paired food in hand every day for a different experience.

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