Flavored Tea

Flavored tea is prepared using the tea as the base material and adding natural or artificial flavor as desired by the manufacturer or buyer. Almost all the tea types like black tea, green tea and herbal teas are used as the base.

Most of the times natural ingredients are used as flavoring agents. Ginger, cinnamon, Jasmin, mint, lemon grass and some spices are most common and popular natural flavoring agents. In addition, different types of fruits are also used as flavoring agents. Lemon, Lime, blue berry and strawberry are some example for fruity flavors. Compounds response for the flavor and aroma of these natural ingredients are artificially produce and add to the tea in artificial flavoring process.

Combining or adding these natural flavors to the tea base, there are mainly two methods. In one method dried particles of the natural flavoring agent is directly added to the tea particles and introduce to the market. In the brewing process both tea and flavoring particles are brewing and liquor is combined with the tea flavor and the natural flavor of the flavoring agent. Ginger, lemon grass and sometimes mint also added as this dried particle. Spices like pepper, coriander 

and Cinnamon also added in dry grounded powder form as well in small particles. The other method is adding the flavoring agent in to the brewed tea infusion. In this method selected base is brewed at first and infusion is derived. Then the desired amount of fresh natural flavoring agent is added to the brew and served. Lemon, Lime and some other fruit extracts are added as this method.

When it comes to the artificial flavoring agents, almost every times they are added to the tea base in the blending process. In secondary manufacturing process blending is carried out with the artificial flavors. But addition of the Jasmin flavor and aroma to the tea takes a unique special process different from both methods described before. After the drying process of tea particles, they are mixed with the jasmine buds and let the aroma and flavor to absorb by the tea particles. Time will decide the strength of the aroma and flavor. After a desired time period, Jasmin flowers are separated from the tea particles. These jasmine tea is visibly similar as base tea without any mixed particle for flavor. But when you brew it, infusion is having all the flavor and aroma in it. It is miraculous in a way.

Hope this has added some knowledge on flavored tea to your mind with a fascinated desire on tasting a unique flavored tea.

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