Different Packaging Material for Tea

Tea is consisted with hygroscopic particles which were dried under the controlled conditions. Because of that proper packaging is an important thing to retain the quality of dried tea particles. Today we will take a glance at the different packaging materials using in tea packaging.

Wooden packaging is the most traditional and oldest method of tea packaging. Tea was introduced as a commercial crop in many Asian countries with the colonization. Teas that were manufactured in these countries has been transported to the Europe via sea ways. These time wood was the most available and feasible materials for packaging tea. dried wooden boxes were used to store tea during the transportation. But there were some problems like deteriorations and odor changes. So there come the chemical treatments for woods to overcome these problems well.

Next it comes to the most popular and easy packaging material which is paper. Paper packaging is very popular since it is an easy material to handle and available in different forms. When paper material is introduced it was oriented to incorporate the features that will minimize the moisture absorption into the tea particles. So paper was sealed aluminum foils or increase the thickness to a certain level to overcome the problem. In addition, it is a low cost packaging material compared to other materials. Most of the times papers used to pack teas in bulk form and large quantities.

Metal containers are also used in the packaging process of tea. Aluminum and Tinplate are the most popular and common metals used in tea packaging. In retail process, designed canisters of these metals are mostly used. Metal canisters provides better air tight condition to the tea particles. In the other hand it facilitates the designer to design in many shapes in attractive manner.

Plastic is also used in packaging process of tea. Air tight plastic containers are very popular in retail markets due to many reasons. Light weighted, recyclable and reusable plastic containers are a good selection in one hand. In addition, nylon material and degradable polymers are used in making tea bags.

This is mainly focused on making your attention in packaging raw form of tea. For value added products there will be other materials too.

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