Cosmetic properties of tea

Cosmetic is a topic that goes to very ancient era. As we all know ancient kings and queens used several cosmetics for being beautiful in appearance. Ancient Indian and Egyptian history has many of the evidence in natural herbal cosmetic uses.

No wonder that you may have already know that tea has some cosmetic properties as well. Many parts of the tea plant are used as an ingredient for different types of cosmetics. First we will see what are the reasons behind these cosmetic properties. As proven by the studies tea is having some greater antioxidant properties with the presence of polyphenol in it. These antioxidant properties are very useful in treating skin pigmentations, dark spots and marks. These antioxidants will restore these problems and make the skin clear. Next important property is antimicrobial action. This is very useful in treating the acne conditions of the skin. It will minimize the microbial action cause to the acne conditions and prevent the continuous occurrence of acne. This property is useful in treating the dandruff conditions also.

 Now we will look what kind of parts of tea is used in these cosmetics. Green or fresh tea leaves are the most common part used in cosmetics. Dried tea leaf powder is used with other herbal ingredients as scrubs, cleansers and face packs in raw form. Also this leaf powder id used in hair masks and fairness creams too. Neat one is tea flowers. Its fragrance is used in making the perfumes and deodorants too. Tea seed oil is also used in fairness creams, shampoos and face packs etc.

Both Camellia sinensis and Camellia sasanqua species are used in this cosmetic purpose. Even the used green and black tea infused are used as home remedies for pimple and acnes. As it said green tea bags are used as a remedy for dark circles around the eyes as a quick and simple home remedies. Instead of these you may have your own cosmetic uses of tea for sure. Hope you can add more tips to your knowledge with this article.

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