Beauty of the tea world – Blooming Tea

Blooming tea is a very good example that proves tea is not all about the black tea. Blooming tea is also called as flowering tea since the appearance. You may think now how this blooming tea made. Both tea buds and tender leaves are used in making blooming teas together with edible type dried flowers. Chrysanthemum, jasmine, lily and hibiscus are common examples for the types of dried flower species used in blooming teas.

When it comes to tea buds, hairy and silvery natured unopen tea buds are mainly preferred for this blooming tea manufacturing. Hand-picked undamaged tea buds are ideal for light liquor flowers. First these fresh buds are assembled around a dried edible flower. Then this bunch of tea buds with the dried flower will assemble using a cotton thread. Next the bunch will be wrapped in a cotton or cheese cloth and let dry in an oven (preferably microwave or electrical oven) for desired time. Now you have a white or yellow tea ball. Considering the shape, you can alternate this round shape with mushroom shape, cone shape or any other shapes with the creativity. Withered tender tea leaves can also be used to prepare this flowers. In that method, withered tender leaves of tea will be hand rolled and let them fermented slightly. 

Then the similar procedure is followed as above. But the liquor characteristics are different from the non-fermented type. Tea flowers made of this method will have an infusion as the light liquored black tea of orthodox type.

Next important thing is the infusion process. Infusing these blooming tea is a kind of art. Not as other types of teas these teas are prepared in transparent containers to view the blooming process by the consumer. It is such a lovely experience that a tea lover must gain. Blooming tea particle will be put in a glass container and hot water will pour on the blooming tea and it will begin to bloom slowly exposing the middle flower covered by tea particles. Reading this will help you to imagine the beauty of blooming process. Then the consumer can drink the tea with looking the blooming flower inside the container. Because of the edible flower in the blooming tea it has specific health benefits. Most popular health benefits are anti-cancer properties driven by its antioxidant activities and lowering harmful blood cholesterol level.   

As a tea lover, it is worth to know the history of this flowering or blooming tea. these type of teas are first made in China during 1980s. After few decades it was popularized in western countries. At present tea consumers all over the world knows about blooming tea. 

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