Arabic Culture and Tea

It is very interesting when you are getting the knowledge of the unique bond of Arabic culture and tea. Arabic culture is originated among the people who speak Arabic language and faith in Islamic religious view. Middle East countries are the center of this culture. Not only in the middle East countries, but also these cultural features have been spread all over the world with their religious faith in present.

When we look in to the Ceylon Tea Industry, Arabic countries are very important since they are one of the main buyer. Considering the past decade, tea consumption in Arabian countries has been increase nearly three times than previous. Main reason behind the rise in tea consumption is health benefits of tea like anticancer properties, minimizing the risk of heart problems, stimulation etc. Specially the ability of drinking tea by diabetic patients without and adverse effect on their condition.

Considering the types of teas that they have preferred, premium quality pure origin teas comes first. Among them different types of black teas and various blends of them are specially consumed by Arabian countries. Also they are interested in herbal teas as well as black tea. 

Dark or the heavy liquor black teas are in demand more than light liquor teas in Arabic markets. Countries like Turkey, UAE use black tea in their daily essential item. In evening gatherings, they preferred to serve teas for the guest and family members too. Since black tea is suitable for serving with sweets, it preferred over other types for tea parties.

In addition, several herbal teas are popular in Arabic countries. Especially different types of mint teas, chamomile tea, Anise tea, Cardamom tea, different types of green teas are well popularized among herbal tea consumers in this region. These herbal teas have special occasions for serving. As an example ‘Sage tea’ a type of herbal tea is served after the meal to enhance the digestion and gut comfort when Cardamom tea is serving before a meal to enhance the activity of digestive enzymes. Chamomile tea is used for enhancing a comfortable sleep while Anise served as medicine for flue with cough.

This interesting cultural features of Arabic region bonded with tea has been creating a beautiful picture itself while opening the path for middle east tea market venture seekers around the world.

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