All about Dark Tea

Dark tea or post fermented tea is a type of black tea which involves the microbial fermentation process. To have a better picture, it is important to understand the processing of the dark tea. First step of the dark tea processing is withering which is common in normal orthodox tea processing. Next comes a one of the special step in the processing called killing green or enzyme suppression to avoid the chemical reactions. This enzyme suppression is done by exposing withered leaves to hot steam or slight roasting in a heated pan. With the high temperature exposure, enzymes are deactivated as they are proteins. Withered leaves after kill green process will be slightly rolled or compressed. In this compression process withered leaves are wrapped in a cotton clothes and compresses in to different shapes. Different types of native tools are used to prepare these teas in to piles, cakes or any other shapes.

Next is the special process, microbial fermentation. Prepared tea piles will be stored in clay pots and kept in a dark room specially designed for this fermentation process. The time of fermentation will vary from several months to years or decades. Considering the microbes involve in this fermentation process, Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus luchuensis. There are prominent and popular shapes in preparing dark tea piles. Bamboo leaf shape, square shape, small round tea cakes, fruit shape tea piles and brick shape are some examples.

 Most popular types of fermented teas are ‘Combucha tea’ and ‘Pu Erh tea’. Liquor colour of the dark tea is a special feature which is most similar to dark wine colour. China and Japan are the two major countries in dark tea production. In addition, Korea, Thailand, Burma and Tibet also produce native dark teas of their own.

Considering the health benefits of dark tea there are many more of them as traditional beliefs. Also some of them have scientifically proved. It is believed that the microbial metabolites composition in dark tea is responsible for the unique health benefits of it. Consumption of Pu Erh tea will increase your cardiac health and clean the toxins and free radicles in your blood. According to studies Pu Erh tea has an anti-cancer properties and weight loss effect also. Consuming Combucha tea will strengthen your immune system. Also Combucha tea is act as a digestive aid and reduce the inflammation. All of these dark teas are act as a good stimulation agent and boost your energy.


Explore more about this dimension of tea and get the experience and the benefits in your hand.  

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